Our Approach To Attachment Therapy

couple in snowFor Parents:

If you have been to see many professionals for help, you are likely tired, angry, and skeptical. Some of you may even feel desperate and hopeless. Unfortunately, many well-meaning, though ill-informed, professionals may have steered you down paths that have only made matters worse.

This is what you will find here:

  • Understanding, empathy and compassion for what you have already experienced.
  • Pathways for creating a healing home: structure, corrective communication, responsibility, creativity, and compassion.
  • Guidance for understanding the neuroscience of attachment challenges and how that relates to unwanted behavior and behavior change.
  • Therapeutic support to understand your own attachment needs and challenges that impact corrective parenting.
  • Support to develop self and partner care.
  • Genuine help to increase your capacity for joy, playfulness, and meaning in your family life.

couple in snow

For Your Child:

Your child may be unaware of your struggles to find help. Or maybe the opposite, plenty aware and plenty burned out on repetitious, intrusive questions and moving from one professional to another. They may even have been called treatment resistant. Treatment resistance occurs when an attachment challenged child meets up with numerous professional helpers who are not effective in treating traumatized, attachment challenged children and their parents.

This is what you will find here for your child:

  • Understanding, empathy, and compassion for what they have already experienced.
  • Developmental therapeutic support to increase capacity to give and receive love and affection.
  • Tools to identify and manage emotions in a pro-social manner.
  • Internal resources for accepting responsibility for making good decisions.
  • Genuine help to increase capacity for joy, playfulness, and meaning in family life.