Another Online Group? Yep, A Really Good One, But I’m Biased

Hello Fellow Travelers,

In preparation for my upcoming Love Matters Parenting Society monthly online membership, I just opened the doors for online support for anyone who wants to hang out with some pretty cool people.  I mean myself, one staff member, and Karyn (whom you won’t know until you join the group).

Starting new things from scratch is kind of like throwing a party and no one coming.  Oh, that just brought up some very old, painful feelings from my junior high days.  Ick-y.

Anyway, I digress.

You are invited to join the open-to-the-public  Love Matters Parenting Group on Facebook.  Who wouldn’t want to talk to an attachment and trauma therapist and other incredible parents when the going gets tough?

See you in the group.

Love matters,


P.S. Hey, will you spread the word and invite some of your peeps?  I really would love to have a robust group of people who are intentionally raising their traumatized children.  Like I have begun saying, “Come for the content and stay for the company.”



  1. Hey.

    I need some kind of support group.
    I am not on facebook (because of stalker like behavior from birth family)
    Our hair was on fire three years ago, and now we are just clumps of teeth and bone.

    My wife and I adopted four siblings out of foster-care and have been through some really really bad bad bad times.
    Examples of our real life include experiences with:
    Extremely contentious Tribal custody battle
    Adopting teenagers
    Teenager in Residential treatment facility
    Transgender child
    Mixed race, mixed ethnicity home
    Complex developmental trauma
    Reactive attachment disorder
    Aggressive and volatile birth family

    Yes- we have all of these.
    And we are officially dying.

    It’s a lonely place.

    It makes it exceedingly difficult to parent four VERY high-needs kids and not contemplate suicide every day. We feel isolated – because NOBODY gets it.

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