A Little Bit Emo

A little bit Emo is not to be confused with a little bit Elmo.  My son told me that he and his girlfriend are “a little bit Emo.”  I thought I knew what he was saying, but it is always a good idea for me to check my reality against his.  
Yep, I got it.  He was telling me that they consider themselves to be on the emotional side of things. That means they blowout, melt down, cry, and over-react.  Sounds like a great life together–not.
Today was an Emo day for my son.  He came home full of stories about emotional encounters that didn’t seem to have a point.  I wondered why he was telling me, sort of.  Finally, I felt I needed to ask:
Why are you telling me these things? 
“Aren’t you interested in Emo things?”
Uh, not sure, maybe.
“I thought that’s what therapists’ liked–Emo stuff. So, I’m telling you about all the Emo stuff that happened today.”  
Oh, thanks for thinking of me.  I have to go to work now and talk to people about Emo stuff.
Love ya. 
Love ya.
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Love Matters,

Ce Eshelman, LMFT

I miss Elmo stuff.

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